Family Dog Training

We've expanded our dog training offerings to meet the ever changing needs of our clients. By partnering with Naturally Pawsitive LLC, we now offer a variety of training classes, all of which use positive, force-free training techniques designed to set you and your dog up for a lifetime of success. These group classes are family-oriented, fun and highly effective.

Puppy Start Right

Puppy Class is for puppies ranging from 9 weeks to 20 weeks of age. This is a beginner class, the first step in your dog training journey. Your puppy will be introduced to basic obedience, such as sit, down, and stay as well as attention-behavior exercises and recalls.

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Family Dog Foundation

Whether new to training or in need of a refresher, this foundation class provides the basic obedience necessary for your dog to be an active member of the family. During this class, your dog will learn skills such as returning when called, staying in place, walking losely on a leash as well as many others. The goal of this class is a solid foundation that your dog can use and build upon.

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Family Dog Advanced

Now that your dog has the basics under their collar, it is time to bring the training up to the next level. This class builds off of your dog's skillset by gradually increasing distractions and working on distance control. We do this by playing fun games and also provide an introduction to Canine Good Citizen, Rally Obedience and more.

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Canine Etiquette

Specialized, advanced classes are offered periodically and will cover just one focused topic such as polite walking, truly trusty recalls, and proper greetings. These classes are four weeks in duration.

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AKC Canine Good Citizen Prep and Test

Does your dog have what it takes to be a Canine Good Citizen? The AKC's Canine Good Citizen program is recognized as the gold standard for dog behavior. In CGC, dogs who pass the 10 step CGC test can earn a certificate and the official AKC CGC title. Dogs with the CGC title have the suffix, "CGC" after their names.

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AKC Trick Dog

Looking for something challenging and fun to do with your dog? Earn an AKC Trick Dog title! Teaching your dog tricks is a great to show off your dog's skills and boost their confidence at the same time.

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Reactive Rover

Does your dog lunge at other dogs while walking on a leash? Bark as other dogs pass by? Maybe pulls you along to chase squirrels, bicycles or skateboards? This class is tailored for your dog's needs. You will learn techniques to keep your dog safe and below threshold while your dog learns to stay calm in distracting situations.

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