Family Dog Training

We've expanded our dog training offerings to meet the ever changing needs of our clients. Our training partner offers a variety of training classes, all of which use positive, force-free training techniques designed to set you and your dog up for a lifetime of success.

Please note that attendance at all classes is based on the trainer’s assessment that the dog is safe and
suitable for our classroom environment. The trainer has the right to limit access to class, in part or in
full, to any dog deemed unsafe.

Questions or Inquiries? Please contact us!

Puppy Smart Start For pups ages 10-15 weeks old   

4 Week Class $85

Start off on the right paw as you bring a puppy into your household with this class designed to answer
your puppy-raising questions and support your puppy’s socialization. We will cover topics such as
dealing with puppy teeth, housebreaking, getting playtime and greetings under your control as well as
basic training. A great way to get the whole family on the same page with bringing up the new addition.

Foundations of Training For dogs over 16 weeks and older

6 Week Class, 1 st session w/o dogs $125

This class will introduce you to the tools and concepts for training your dog to do anything. You will
learn how to communicate with your dog and shape their behavior to address problems such as jumping
on people, stealing household objects, bolting out the door, barking out the window and other
unwanted behaviors. We will also cover stay, come, leave it and walking on a loose leash. This class will
teach you how to think and respond like a dog trainer so you can be your dog’s best friend.

So You’re Getting a Dog (or Puppy)?

2 hour Workshop For people only $50 (donation)*

If you’re getting a new dog, or have recently welcomed one into your home, you may have questions
about what to expect and how to set up for success. In this workshop we will cover things you can do to
make sure it all goes as well as possible for the dog, the family and all the household belongings you
hope they don’t chew up. You will learn about common mistakes people make and how to avoid them,
including what’s worth spending money on, how to make sure the kids are safe from potential bites and
what you can expect from dogs of various ages and temperaments. There will be ample time to ask your
specific questions.

*Note: 100% of the fee for this course will go to [dog rescue of our choice, to be filled in soon]

Loose Leash Walking Workshop

2 hours $50

Come with your dog and learn some skills that will help you keep your dog’s leash nice and loose. You
will learn several ways to communicate with your dog about where you would like them to walk. While
we probably won’t be able to end all tugging entirely within a 2 hour workshop, but you WILL go home
with skills to continue your efforts .

PS: If your dog lunges at dogs when on leash, please speak to us in advance so we can make sure your dog will be safe and happy in our classroom or so that we can offer other options to help you.

Fido, Come!

2 hours $50

Come with your dog to learn some fun tricks to increase your dog’s likelihood of coming when you call.
Many dogs will be coming away from food during this workshop! In any case, you will go home with
skills to continue to working on getting your dog to be as reliable as possible when you say “come.”

Note: If your dog is likely to be constantly barking or in any other way disruptive to the class, it might
be best if you come without your dog (and take our foundations class), and we’ll coach you with
another dog.