Drop off in the AM, pick up in the PM!

Monday–Friday: 7 am–12 pm and 1:30–6 pm
Saturday–Sunday: 8–11 am and 3–5 pm
All dogs are crated for naptime from noon–1:30 pm.

Your dog will spend the day playing & socializing with other dogs which will strengthen their social skills and make them an overall happier dog! Our large indoor and outdoor facility provides lots of space for your dog to play & relax. Our staff is trained to provide quality supervision for your dog while they spend the day with us.

During play time, staff members teach the dogs to respond individually and as a group to commands, especially "come". This is necessary for control, but is obviously beneficial to you in many other situations.

All dogs entering our program are interviewed prior to admission so that we can ensure that each dog is ready and able to socialize in a group of dogs and people. This allows us to confirm that any given dog is not likely to react aggressively, or be stressed to the point of aggression by the day care setting.

Benefits of Doggy Daycare
  • Builds your dog's social confidence
  • Provides your dog with an appropriate outlet for excess energy
  • Relieves anxiety and boredom that can cause your dog to be destructive when left home alone
  • At the end of the day, your dog is tired and ready to participate calmly in the family's evening activities
  • Provides healthy exercise and can help overweight dogs lose weight
  • Lets your dog BE A DOG

Overnight Dog Boarding

Play all day, sleep all night!

The Good Dog Spot! offers overnight care for social dogs. We offer crates and large indoor runs....all the same price, your choice! (First come first serve.)

You do not need to be a regular customer to enjoy our services, but we will need an opportunity to interview your dog to make sure he/she "plays well with others."

Boarding dogs play with the day care dogs all day Monday through Friday. On the weekends they play with the morning playgroups (open to the public) and for several hours in the afternoon with our staff. The dogs are tucked into their enclosure overnight, but someone comes in to let them out for a potty break at 10 pm.

Drop off and Pick up times available on weekends and holidays! No extra charge on holidays.

Overnight Cat Boarding

We now offer overnight cat boarding in our luxury kitty condos in our brightest, sunniest room for optimal sunbathing and bird watching opportunities.

General Requirements

  • All dogs must be:
    • at least 16 weeks old
    • up to date on all vaccinations
    • spayed or neutered by 7 months old
    • in good health and under regular veterinary care
    • non-aggressive to people and dogs
  • An evaluation and reservation is required for new customers. Evaluations are done Monday-Thursday mornings. Dogs must be dropped off by 9AM for a minimum of 2 hours. If picked up before noon there is no charge for the evaluation. If picked up in the afternoon there will be a fee equivalent to 1/2 day of daycare. Please call our office at (860)243-5500 to make an appointment!
  • Day Care Customers please download our Day Care Form and bring the completed form to the interview.
  • Boarding Customers please download BOTH the Day Care Form and Boarding Reservation Form and bring the completed forms to the interview.
  • Returning Customers must complete a Boarding Reservation Form every time you board your dog.

Pricing & Fees

Morning Half Days are considered drop off after 7:00am and pick up by 2:00pm.
Afternoon Half Days are considered drop off after 11:30am and pick up before 6pm.
To give the dogs quiet time to rest, no drop off or pick up is available between 12:00pm and 1:30pm.
DAY CARE PACKAGE FEES (tax not included)
1 DAY 5 DAYS 10 DAYS 20 DAYS Monthly Unlimited
Full Day $32.00 $150.00 $280.00 $520.00 $450.00
Half Day $22.00 $105.00 $200.00 $380.00 $324.00
* Families with multiple dogs attending will receive a 10% discount on the days that all dogs attend.
** Monthly unlimited packages expire 30 days from purchase. All other packages expire 180 days from purchase.
Dog Boarding (includes both day care and overnight boarding)
$47 per night $37 each additional dog
Suite Play and Stay Dog Boarding (includes both day care and overnight boarding)
*The Suite Play and Stay offers additional space for your dog(s) while boarding
$52 per night $42 each additional dog
Cat Boarding (includes both day care and overnight boarding)
$25 per night $15 each additional cat