Recommended Tools, Toys & Treats


  • Sensation Harness/Easy Walk – Two brands of front-clip harness (available at TGDS)
  • Gentle Leader/Halti – Two brands of head-halter collars (available at TGDS)
  • Quick Draw treat pouch (available at TGDS)
  • Carpenter’s Apron (available at hardware stores)
  • Clicker (available at TGDS)

Busy Toys

  • Premier Busy Bodies (sold at The Good Dog Spot)
  • Kong (sold everywhere)
  • Buster Cube (most pet stores)
  • Everlasting Fun Ball/Everlasting Treat Ball (sold at The Good Dog Spot)

Busy "Bones"

  • Marrow Bones (real or pet store)
  • Pig Ears
  • Nylabone Healthy Edibles
  • Booda (brand) edibles
  • Treats (for use as training treats – little, meaty tidbits)
  • Real Meat Treats (it's the brand name)
  • Wellness Pure Bites
  • Solid Gold
  • Natural Balance (salami-tube)
  • Freeze-dried liver (sold at TGDS and most pet stores)
  • PEOPLE FOOD – cheese, meat leftovers, deli meats, baby food (meat)